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Security Policies

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What´s BBVA TPV Virtual?

TPV stands for Terminal Punto de Venta, BBVA´s most secure online credit/debit card payment method.

Who can benefit from the BBVA TPV Virtual?

Directly, all the e-commerce oriented BBVA clients who have previously installed the Virtual TPV application in their online stores. 
Indirectly, all the online stores´ customers (BBVA clients or not) who shop online goods and services through internet using credit/debit cards.



What´s PayPal?

PayPal is a fast and safe way to shop online. With Paypal you can easily pay your online purchases with debit card, credit card, or bank account.

This Service is provided by PayPal Europe (S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A.) to registered users within the European Union. PayPal Europe (S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. R.C.S. Luxembourg B 118 349), disposes the legal licenses to act as a credit institution in Luxembourg regarding the Article 349 of the april 2, 2005 law about the financial sector and is under Luxembourg´s Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier permanent supervision.

Why should I use PayPal?

PayPal is safe: PayPal keeps securely your financial information and protects it with the best security and preventive systems against fraud. Also, your financial information is never shared with online stores.

PayPal is fast and easy: You won´t need to introduce your card information or bank account to pay, just your email and password.

PayPal is flexible: You decide how to pay: debit card, credit card or bank account.

To create a Personal or Premier  account in PayPal, follow these steps:

  1. Register in Paypal´s home page: https://www.paypal.es.
  2. Select from the menu the country and the language you are in.  
  3. Click on “Start” in the account created, either Personal or Premier.  
  4. Introduce the requested information, including your complete email address, and choose a password (it should have at least 8 alphanumeric characters. You will neeed the email address and the password in order to start each Paypal session.  
  5. Click on “Create an account” and follow the instructions.

PartyWeb.es fulfills all the rules established in Spain´s LSSI law: Ley 34/2002, de 11 de Julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico, de la Secretaría de Estado de Telecomuniaciones y para la Sociedad de la Información del Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio. In our section “Privacy Policy”, there´s a Legal Notification with our social denomination, phone number, and physical and email address. We keep all of our invoices in our sales & accounting books, and send a copy within our client´s orders. Our online shop counts with all the technical measures so that they can identify and correct any errors during their data information fulfillment.