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Hello Kitty

Candela KittyHello Kitty's favorite word is friendship. So that´s why she, the most famous kitten in the world, loves playing and celebrating with her friends.


If you're thinking about a Hello Kitty theme party for your daughter, do not hesitate any longer, it is a great alternative!

I recommend you to start thinking about the party between 4-6 weeks of anticipation.


Please inform your guests 3-4 weeks before the party. This way, you ensure that all save the date and accompany your daughter on this special moment. Those busy families who program everything with high anticipation will thank you! If you have time and skill for arts & crafts, you can think about making the invitations yourself. If not, you can consider our Hello Kitty themed invitations.



Kitty cup cakesRemember that the colors that go with Hello Kitty are hot pink, white and light green. You can start by hanging balloons of those colors in every corner of the party. Maybe your daughter will have fun helping you creating homemade paper lanterns and flowers to hang together. Cover the table with our Hello Kitty tablecloth or a single colored cloth (maybe hot pink or white). You can use a Hello Kitty toy as a centerpiece, tied to a set of balloons, or well our own themed Hello Kitty centerpiece. Sprinkle confetti, sequins, streamers and candy across the table and witness how it turns into a more pleasant and festive atmosphere.

On the official website of Hello Kitty (www.Sanrio.com), there is a Category called Fun & Games with a subcategory called Art Center where you can create different combinations of drawings and print your favorite characters. These drawings can help you with the decoration. You can also paint a Hello Kitty in a large cardboard box. You can even make your home safe, barring doors and windows for children to play there for the party.

You can also use children makeup. As a first activity, try painting whiskers and noses to the guests upon arrival. This will distract the most punctual while the others show up. Hang a big cardboard near the “makeup” saloon, and let all the guests write a friendly message to your daughter after their makeup session. Make sure you have special cardboard markers. It will surely be a valuable souvenir that your daughter will want to keep for a long while.


 Kitty bocatas

Hello Kitty loves to cook and do creative things with her sister Mimmy. So make sure creativity stars a big role in the party.

If you throw the party at your house, decorate the door with something special. You can use cardboard, decorate it with stickers, artificial jewels and/or any other material you find new.

As soon the guests arrive, distribute among them fun coloring sheets, crayons and markers so they can get acquainted with the party´s theme.

Mory The Mole's Game: Mory is the mole that lives in Hello Kitty´s garden. He wants to be at the party, so he can teach and play his game: First, you must turn a cardboard into a green painted garden.  Do three big holes in the cardboard, and use three balls for children to try to dunk them into the holes and find out where Mory hides!



Serve sandwiches cut into flower shapes, and add fruits and vegetables. You can also let the children decorate their own muffins or cup cakes.Kitty surprises

Gifts & Surprises


The girls will be thrilled to bring some goodies home. You can get mini diaries, log books, stickers, erasers, or an endless list of Hello Kitty articles or candy you can use to fill the bag of sweets and surprises.

Any concerns, please feel free to contact me. Because remember, I´m Party, the world´s best party hardy spider!



Images by Rafa Tono at Candela´s 2nd Birthday! Barcelona, Spain.