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Disney Princesses

PrincesasOrganize a majestic princess party for your daughter's birthday!


I suggest you begin to plan the party with 6-8 weeks in advance. You will have enough time to buy all the stuff and think of every detail. The first decision you have to make is where to carry out the party. You can transform your home into a glamorous palace, attend to her favorite park, or even contemplate the possibility of renting another space like a recreation center. There are lots of choices!


What do you need for the party?


Thinking of a wide range of guests, we have assembled specially for you different  Party Packs. You will see that all the packs have the essential (plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, etc.), and the fullest packs come with more additional accessories for the party (crowns, piñata, favor bags, etc.). You can even add more details or discard some.




Creative Invitations serve to add a touch of intrigue and curiosity to the guests, who will be waiting for the party to come! If you have time and manual skills to make them, then I recommend the following idea:


Take a white card or any other color you like and fold it in half so it looks like an invitation card. Print an image of the princess that your daughter likes or an image of all Disney princesses, and stick it on the front. On the front page write down "You are invited", and inside, fill the invitation with the relevant information of the party. If you want to make a bigger impression, only for girls, make a little hole in the corner of each card and tie a magic wand with a nice thread. Each girl will receive a magic wand with the party invitation. You will make them feel like princesses even though the party has not begun yet.


If you prefer, you can also use our Disney Princesses Invitations.


Please remember to fill it with the relevant information of the party date, time and place.


Decoration and Ideas



Castillo PrincesasBe sure to transform the setting of the party into a place with a fashion & glamour style, worthy of a royal feast. So, you must keep in mind the following:


Check out our wide range of Balloons so you can tie three on the back of each chair and tie the remaining on the tables.


Cut out star-shaped cards in pink and white, with red and pink glitter (or other colors you like), and hang them from the ceiling.


You can also call a local cinema or rent movies nearby to see if they have a poster of the Disney Princesses they can give away or sell. It would look great hanging around the party area.


Another option is to scan and print different images of Disney Princesses. The sheets can be used as an individual for each of the girls to eat on, and even take home as souvenirs!


Put any Princesses movies without volume. Moving images add an extra touch to the decor.


With a piece of pink cloth, you can make a princess sash with the name of your daughter, so that she can wear it during the party. If you think it’s a good idea, you can do it for all the girls and maybe organize some kind of parade for them. They will have a blast waving their hands to the world as real Princesses do!


Hang the Disney Princesses piñata in the center of the party. This will add to the decoration, plus the kids´ enthusiasm and intrigue to know what´s inside!



Ideas on what to serve


You can prepare a list of things you want to serve during the party  to make sure you have for all guests. We recommend simple meals that are consistent with the subject. If you have time, create some "real snacks" that make your daughter and friends feel very special. I recommend the following:


Torta PrincesasSprinkle rose petals and confetti on the tables and see how pretty they look. 


Prepare a mini heart-shaped sandwiches, and fill with cheese ham, or with the favorite ingredients of the princess of the house.


Serve strawberries sprinkled with white chocolate. All princesses love strawberries.


Prepare ham rolls, chocolate or cream cheese.


Serve a platter of fruit with strawberry yogurt dip.


Offer fruit cakes spreading cream cheese on a cracker, and a portion of strawberry, grape and kiwi on the top.


Serve strawberry-flavored milk in sophisticated teacups.


Serve sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses.



For the Guests


Thank the company of all the guests with a surprise gift like a crown, a DVD, or decorate a bag for sweets with rhinestones, Princess stickers, magnets and more!


Games and Activities


Princess Dress: If you want to dress your daughter and her friends as true princesses, you only need an old white sheet for each, a pair of scissors and a roll of string. In the middle of the sheet, cut a small hole through which the neck can pass. Place the sheet over the head and have her stand with her arms outstretched. Hang the string behind the neck and around her shoulders. Tie the ends of the rope under her arms, and then cross it behind the waist. The tips should go to the front, cross back again and finally to the front where you make one final knot. Done, you´ve just dressed a Princess!


The Wicked Princess / Prince Game: Choose a child to be the Wicked Princess. The other players are the princesses and princes. When Wicked Princess / Prince says "Now", all participants must run to avoid being touched. If a participant is touched, he/she must remain "frozen" in the position he/she had when he/she was touched. The participant must stay still until a prince or princess touches him/her again. The game ends when the Wicked Princess has frozen all or when time runs out (you should put a time limit at the beginning). The first person who was touched will be the Wicked Princess / Prince for the next round.


The Princess and the Frog: You will need a bag of chocolates, a tie or a bandage to cover the eyes, paper, a pen and a bag. Write the word frog in a piece of paper, and in other pieces of paper write the names of other animals (there must be a piece of paper for each participant). Fold the papers and keep them in the bag. You must choose a princess or prince, all the other children must remain standing around him/her. Cover the eyes of princess or prince and put a chocolate in his/her hand. Then each of the participants must take a paper from the bag, until you run out of papers. All the participants must make the noise of the animal that they got and the princess or prince, (still blindfolded) has to give the chocolate to the child who is making the noise of the frog. If she/he gives the chocolate to the right child, then the kid keeps the chocolate and remains out of the game. If the chocolate is given to the wrong child, the chocolate will be given back to the princess or prince and she/he will remain out of the game. The kid with the frog will do of princess or prince and the game will start again. You can play several rounds.


Princesas 4Cinderella's shoe: You will need a high-heeled shoe, paper and a pen. Cinderella has to go to a prom party but has lost one shoe. So, hide a shoe, so that children can look for it. You must type clues in small pieces of paper. Each clue will take you to the next, until you find the shoe. Hide the papers according to the hints you have written done. Before you begin, you must show them the other shoe and explain that Cinderella has to go out partying but needs to find her shoe; then give them the first key.


The kids will surely have an unforgettable evening.


Any concerns, please feel free to contact me. Because remember, I´m Party, the world´s best party hardy spider!