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Ben 10

Fiesta Ben 10 




To invite all your friends, you can use our Ben 10 invitations and distribute them in advance so that everybody shows up. If you want to try a different alternative, you can download some, or also lean unto a more artistic and economic option: do them yourself! Paintings will do fine, while you play with your toddler and draw his favorite character´s transformation.




Ben 10's favorite colors are yellow and green, so make sure you have balloons of these colors and use the official Ben 10 garland to decorate the place with a special touch. According to the number of guests, check out our  Party Packs we have specially prepared for you. 




Snacks and Cake


Ben 10 cakeRegarding the meals, if you want to give the party an alien look, think of the possibility of using dye on your snacks so they turn yellow and green. Beverages can be served in our Ben 10 glasses; you can also get plastic test tubes to make them feel like they're on Ben 10´s grandfather´s lab!


Nowadays, many bakeries will prepare the cake according to your needs and with your child's favorite character. However, if you want an original and cheaper cake, you can make it yourself and decorate it with green and yellow cream to match the party. You'll find out that you don’t need to be a great pastry chef to come out with a fabulous Ben 10 cake!




Children need to be active to ensure that they have fun during the party. I suggest you contemplate the following alternatives:


Decorating Cookies: Take a package of traditional round biscuits and offer children the opportunity to decorate their own cookie Omnitrix using black, green and white cream. You can think of giving a prize to the "Cookie Chef" with the best creation.


Ben 10 family


























You can download from the internet Ben 10´s official song and use it as background music to play "Musical Chairs". This is a traditional game in which chairs are placed on one side and the other (start using a chair less than the number of participants) and when you turn on the music the participants start walking or dancing around the chairs. When the music is off, they all have to sit down on any free chair. Whoever remains standing, is eliminated. Remove one chair and the game continues until only one child and chair remains. The winner receives a well-deserved award!


The game of "Alien Rocks Lost": This game is an adaptation of the search of the lost Ben 10 treasure. They will surely be entertained for a while. Hide colorful stones and explain to the children that some alien rocks are lost around the party. Whoever finds more rocks during a given period of time, will be the winner. All the kids will start looking for the rocks like professional aliens.


Another option is the game of "Pass the Package". Wrap a prize in many layers of paper gift; it is better if every paper goes in a different color or layout. You can also include a small candy, sticker or something else between each layer. The number of layers depends on the number of participants. You can use the music of Ben 10 or any other music that children like and the idea of the game is that once you turn on the music, you should begin to move the package from hand to hand. When you turn off the music, the participant who has the package, removes one layer of the gift, and when the music restarts, continues to rotate the package, as many times as necessary until a participant discovers the final gift by removing the last layer of gift wrap.


Enjoy the day and remember to say to yourself while collecting clutter and organizing, that you will not have to do this until next year!


Any concerns, please feel free to contact me. Remember I am Party, the world´s best party hardy spider!



Happy Birthday, Manolo!

Images by Cristina Dieppa, Manolo´s mom.