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1st Birthday Girl

David 1Time passed by real fast, right? Well, now it´s time to celebrate the first birthday! Cheer for all this unforgettable moments with the people who love and care your baby will be a full lifetime treasure.


Party Planning


First Birthday parties are a great opportunity for parents to celebrate reaching to the first year! The birthday girl has no party expectation and will most likely to enjoy playing with the balloons and papers rather than the gifts!  


To start, you must first choose the perfect scene. It will always be better if you choose one that it´s familiar to her. It can be your house, grandparents´, or the park you go the most.


Who should I invite? You have two alternatives to create the list of guests: If your girl has lots of relatives nearby, you can celebrate the party in family. And if not, you can invite your close friends and those relatives around. Let all the kids who your daughter plays at the park come to celebrate with her as well!


The best moment of the day to celebrate the first birthday of your child is after her siesta. After the rest, she will sure enjoy better an afternoon with lots of people and emotion. First birthday parties are always shorter; this way, your daughter will be happier and the party will be a success.


If other babies come to the party, keep in mind that they might not get involved in games and activities. Those who are already starting to walk will need some little extra time, and others will enjoy better the party seated in mom´s legs.


Choosing a Theme


Candela 1st BdayThe main reason for selecting a theme is to ease up decoration and party goods decisions and activities. Consider our Party Packs prepared specially for you, or well choose a theme from your daughter´s favorite TV character or color.


What will I need?


If you are considering using our 1st Birthday Girl party goods, remember you might not need them all. My intention is so you can have them as a reference, and to let you know that you can personalize the party choosing only the things you do believe you need.




Creative invitations are funny to receive and they generate a party expectation mood. If you have time to do your own, here are some tips so you can get started:


Place any of your daughter´s hand/feet on top of a colored piece of paper and draw his hand/feet print. Then, cut it out and stick it onto another colored piece of paper. Now you can: a) write the details of the party around the print, b) scan the print in your computer and add some creative text using the font you like the most!


Using a colored cardboard, paint and cut a big number 1. Glue a picture of your baby to the number 1, and write below her name and the details of the party. Make sure you measure the envelopes before doing the numbers, so you can verify that they will fit.


Decorating Ideas


To create a festive environment, follow these ideas:


A traditional way to decorate baby parties is with balloons. Take a look at our wide range of Balloons .They can be either in latex or aluminum, but the kids will love those “flying things.” Make sure you have enough to keep them distracted. If you decide to use helium balloons, leave them suspended in the air with a hanging lace babies can reach. Or, put a weight with several of them, and let every child take one at the end of the party.


Homemade Measurement Table. Cut 1.5 meters of paper and draw a large flower or any other drawing your baby will like. Then, hang the table in the back of any door close to the entrance, so that the kids can measure themselves as they arrive. This idea will entertain while the rest of the guests show up. You might want to have a surprise for the tallest or smallest guest of the party. Yeah, fun starts upon arrival!


Spread a blanket in a wide space and place on top books, dolls, animals, plastic or any other type of toys, so that the kids have to play with as soon as they arrive.


Place your daughter´s “Baby Book” or first photo album in a visible spot so that the adult guests can see it. Make sure it is updated with the latest information and pictures. They will all enjoy watching the way your baby daughter has grown up.


Exhibit any of his newborn outfits among another she uses today. Not even you will believe how much she has grown up these past twelve months!


Foods to Offer?


Make sure you daughter eats well before the party. And, since you can´t know how long ago did her guests ate, serve during the whole party appropriate foods for their age; you will avoid any child´s bad humor! You can think in wheat flour cookies or funny shaped cereals.


Adults are most likely to be holding their child with one arm, so make sure you serve them easy eating foods. Mini sandwiches, a vegetable tray, small meatballs, sauces, or even pieces of fruit will do fine.


Use a colored table cover on the main table that goes along with the party´s theme, and add a decorative centerpiece. This is the perfect age for birthday hats, so make sure there´s one hat for every guest.


First Birthday Cake


David IISurprise your guests: let them try an original cake. Choose a flavor and bake it. Once it´s ready, let it rest for a while and then, with a knife, cut the form of a number one and cover it with colored edible dots or any other light vanilla or chocolate cream.


For the Birthday Girl, you can place a special cupcake with its candle while the people sing her Happy Birthday. For those kids who don´t eat sugar yet, you can use carrot muffins covered with cream cheese instead.


Finally, make sure you have plenty of napkins; they are really useful to disappear the cake´s trace in babies´ mouths and hands. Their parents will appreciate it!



Birthday Surprises


Surprises for the youngsters must be chosen keeping security in mind. So, I strongly recommend bath toys, puppets, animated books, balls, and small toys.


David IIIGames & Activities


For a baby party, games and activities are not fundamental. It will be enough if you adequate some space for them to interact and play. Anyways, take these advices in consideration:


Build a tower with wooden or plastic blocks and let the kids knock it down again and again…


Young babies love to follow and catch bubbles! With a little help from an adult, you can blow bubbles and let the babies run behind them!


If you can have more than one blanket with toys, better. Then, place on top of each one, a different toy. This way, kids will move from one blanket to the other and start a different activity.


Put the song of the season or baby music, hand out toy musical instruments, and let all follow the rhythm. You will see how the Baby Super Band will rock the party!


Fill in five of your baby socks with grains and sew it. Place in any corner, a plastic pail and teach them how to swing the sack into the pail, or simply walk until the pail and let it drop. Make sure every kid scores at least once in your homemade basketball. They will love it!


If you have older kids as guests, clip on hangers into the cushion and curtains at kid´s reach. Then, let them know that, the one who finds the most will win a prize.


If you want something more artistic, you can use white pieces of paper and water colors or paint. Let them press their handprints into the paper, and then you write each kid´s name, and let them take their masterpiece home!


Using the same technique mentioned in the last paragraph, you can also create Thank You cards. Help your daughter to stamp her print in several white papers, then cut the prints, paste them in any other colored paper that goes along with the colors of her themed birthday, and add a thank you note.


Birthday Time Capsule


David 4If you wish to remember your daughter´s first birthday in a different and patient way, let all the guests write and sign a wish for your baby, and tell them that those wishes will only be read when your daughter reaches her first 10 years of existence!


If you have any doubts, please let me know. Because remember, I´m Party, the world´s best party hardy spider!



Happy First Birthday, Candela

Photography by David Campillo