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1st Birthday Boy

Gabriel 1Time passed real fast, right? Well, now it´s time to celebrate your baby boy first birthday! Celebrate for all this year of unforgettable moments with the people who love & care your baby will be a lifelong memory treasure.


First Birthday Parties are a great celebration opportunity for parents who have reached this unforgettable date. The birthday boy do not have any expectations for his party, and certainly will have more fun playing with balloons and gift wrap than with his own gifts!

To start, you should first pick the perfect place for your child's birthday. It is always better if you choose one that is familiar to him. It can be your own home, their grandparents, or the park that you frequently visit.

Who should I invite?

You have two alternatives for creating the guest list. If your child has lots of family and relatives around, you can celebrate the holiday within the family. And if not, then you can invite your close friends, and those few relatives who live nearby. Your child will enjoy the company of those whom he plays the most, and all those special cousins that are part of the family.

The best time to celebrate his first birthday is right after his nap. Relaxed, he is more likely to enjoy an afternoon full of excitement and people. First birthdays are usually shorter; therefore, it will be easier for him and the party will be a success.

If other babies and children come to the party, keep in mind that some will not want to participate in games & activities.  Toddlers already require some additional time to comply with the excitement of the party, so don´t insist that they participate in games. Some even enjoy the party more from their mother's lap!


Choose a Topic

Gabriel IIThe advantage of choosing a theme is that it will be easier for you to take decoration, tableware and party activities decisions for your child. Consider our  Party Packs, or choose a theme according to his favorite TV character or color.


What do I need for the party?

If you're thinking about using our Party Packs, remember that you may not need everything. Our intention is to guide you, so you can decide if personalizing the party regarding your needs.


Creative invitations are fun to receive. They power that atmosphere of excitement and expectation before the party. If you have time to make your own invitations, here are some advices you can consider:

Press any hand/foot of your baby on a sheet of colored paper and draw the outline. Then, cut the track and paste it into another piece of paper in another color. Now you can: a) write the party details around the track, or b) scan the fingerprint on your computer and add the text you want using the font that you like.

Using colored construction paper, draw and then cut a large number one. Glue a recent photo of your son into the number one, write his name and the information of his party below, and put them in an envelope. Make sure that your invitations fit in the envelopes before making the numbers!


Decoration Ideas


To create a festive atmosphere in your baby's birthday, try one or all of the following:

A traditional way to decorate kids´party is with balloons. Check out our wide range of Balloons .  Whether they are latex or foil, children enjoy watching balloons floating in the air. Make sure you have enough to distract them, though! If you decide to use foil balloons, leave them suspended in the air with a lace or tie falling at the height of children, or add a weight at the end of each balloon and let every child take one home at the end of the party. They will return home real happy!

Create a homemade Height Table as follows: Cut 1.5 meters of paper and paint a road with cars and motorcycles, or create the design you want, or one that your baby will like. Then, paste the table at the back of a door or wall near the entrance, so that when guests arrive, they are officially measured and “sign” with their name. This idea will entertain the punctual people while the others show up. You may have a surprise gift to the highest/smallest guest! See how fun can easily start from the beginning?

Spread a blanket somewhere with books, dolls, plastic animals and carts and other kinds of toys on top so that children can play with as soon as they arrive.

Lay your child´s Baby Book or first Photo Album in a visible place where people can take a glance at it. Just make sure it is updated, and you´ll see how everyone will enjoy how your little baby has grown!

Exhibit some of his favorite newborn baby garment next to any other current attire. You won´t believe how much he has grown these past 12 months!


Foods to Offer

Make sure your child eats right before the party.

Since you can´t tell if your guests have already eaten, you should think of displaying a tray during the whole afternoon with appropriate snacks. This way, you will surely avoid any cranky kids! Flour or cereal crackers in different shapes will do fine.

Adults are most likely to be holding their child with one arm or hand. So for the big ones, offer something they can eat with one hand. Think of sandwiches cut into small pieces, a tray of vegetables, small meatballs, sauces, and even chopped fruit.

Cover the table with a colorful tablecloth that matches the theme of the party, and put on it a decorative centerpiece.

This age tolerates birthday hats. So, make sure you get one hat for every child. They will look great in the pictures!

First Birthday Cake

Surprise your guests; let them try an original recipe. Choose a flavor and prepare it in the oven. Once ready, let it rest and then cut the shape of the number one and cover it with light colored cream or some vanilla or chocolate with colored edible dots.

Serve your birthday boy with a muffin and a candle while the people sing his first "Happy Birthday” song. For those children who still do not eat sugar, you can consider using carrot muffins topped with cream cheese instead of sweet.

Finally, keep on hand a package of wipes. They will be vital to clean out the traces of the cake in kids´ mouths and hands. The older guests will surely appreciate it!

What should I give as surprises?

Gifts for children should be selected with safety in mind. We therefore suggest bath toys, puppets, animated books, balls, and small toys.

Games & Activities

Gabriel IIIGames and activities are not essential for baby parties. It will be enough if you just free some space where they can play and interact. However, you can try considering the following tips:

Make a tower of toy blocks and let the kids tear it down again and again and again…

Kids love to chase bubbles. So, with the help of an adult, blow bubbles around the room and let them hunt after them. They love when bubbles burst right in front of them!

If you have more than one blanket with toys, it will be better. Place on each one different toys. That will motivate the kids to move from one play station onto the other, and get involved in different activities.

Place a popular or your child´s favorite song. Hand out toy musical instruments, and let them all carry the rhythm. You'll witness a wild “Super Baby Band” performing live!

Fill any of your baby´s socks with small grains and sew the tip. Set somewhere around a plastic bucket or something, and teach children how to throw the "ball" into the bucket, or just how to drop it while reaching the target. Make sure each child scores at least once, and you'll see how cool this "home basketball" goes.

If there are older kids among the guests, hang clothespins hidden between the cushions, curtains, tablecloths, etc., always at the height of children. Then  tell them about the game, and find out who finds more hooks and earns a prize.

If you want something more artistic, you can use white paper and child paints. Press the hands of every child in the paint, and then press them to the paper, leaving a trace. Write the name of each child and allow them to take it home at the end of the party!

With the same previous technique, you can also create greeting cards. Help your child to "seal" his mark on several sheets of white paper. Cut the traces, glue them to another colored paper, and inside, write a brief thank you message.

Wish Time Capsule


If you want to remember your baby´s first birthday party into posterity, consider this “patient” activity. Let all the guests write and sign a wish for your child, and tell them that the wishes only will be read when your child reaches determined age. Save the wishes in a individual bottle or box that you think will last all this time, and when the desired day arrives, you can read and recall all the desires that await your child!

Any concerns, please feel free to contact me. Remember that I´m Party, the world´s best party hardy spider!


Images from Gabriel Lorrain´s First Birthday Party, Mozambique.