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Surfing and shopping in PartyWeb.es is very easy. You will see in each of our pages a colored bar with our Categories as shown in the image below:

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Each color is a different Category. And each Category has sub categories. For example, in Party Themes and Solid Partyware you will find all the themed and solid colored articles, divided in two sub categories called Party Packs and Shop by Item.

Party Packs: are party packages thought to ideally fit the size of your party, considering the number of guests.

Party Themes Party Packs come designed for groups of 8, 16, 24 and 32 guests (except some themes that come in multiples of 10). And, according to your budget, you can choose the Practi, Mega or Jumbo Pack. The Practi Pack comes with the party essentials; the Mega Pack comes with a convenient quantity, while the Jumbo Pack includes even the piñata and its filler! To see them, you should first select the theme you want for your party. For example, Themed Party, Party Packs, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (see following image). Then, the different Pack options regarding number of guests and budget will appear. If you do click in any of the images, titles or the “Learn More” button, you´ll see the list of articles that the Pack brings. You can modify that list as you wish. For example, if you want everything but the cups, then you can put a 0 in cups. But, in the other case, if you wanted an additional set of cups, then you can add it to the number in the list. This way, you are free to adjust a personalized pack from our initial suggestion.

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The Solid Partyware Party Packs come designed for groups of 10, 20, 30 and 40 guests. You have one pack for every group of guests. Ideal as complement of the Themed Party Pack, or for individual use also. To see what brings each pack, you just have to click either on the image, the title, or the “Learn More” button. Then you will see the list of articles, which you can also modify according to your needs.

Shop by Item: In this sub category you can see, after selecting a theme, one by one all the themed and colored references. Under every image there´s a small description of the product. But, if you want more information, then click on the image, the title, or the “Learn More” button. Party, the party hardy spider, will then offer you a better description. This way you can keep adding to your cart one by one everything you need.

This same surfing and shopping method applies to the other Categories and its respective sub categories.

To add any article to your cart, you just need to click in the “Add to cart” button. Afterwards, you will see a new screen with the articles you´ve selected, and you can continue clicking any of these three following three steps: a) Continue Shopping, b) Update Shopping Cart, or c) Proceed to Checkout.

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 a) Continue Shopping: If you click here, then you can keep surfing through any Category of our online store and keep adding more articles to your cart.

b) Update Shopping Cart: Your shopping cart can be updated each time you add a new article, since you can eliminate articles that you may now don´t want, or increase the quantities of any other reference. So, to save these changes, you must click on the “Update Shopping Cart”. In the image above, you can see the garbage can (Remove item) at the left, and the quantity column in the center at the right, with a gray box where you can modify the quantities for each reference.

c) Proceed to Checkout: If your order is ready now, then you can click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button, which leads you to a simple six step process: 1) Checkout Method: here you will decide if you place the order as a Guest or you prefer to register, and click on Continue (we strongly suggest you to register; you´ll save time and you will be able to keep track of your shopping history). If you are already registered, then write your email address and password and click on Submit. 2) Billing Information: here you should fill in the blanks with your billing information. 3) Shipping Information: here you should fill in the address where you want us to ship your order. 4) Shipping Options: according to the weight and destination of your order, you will receive a shipping fee, always considering Barcelona capital as its origin. If you agree, then click on Continue. 5) Payment Information: here you can choose the payment option that best fits you: BBVA TPV Virtual, PayPal, Bank deposit or upon arrival (only applies for Spain), and click Continue. 6) Order Review: here you will see all the articles you selected, their prices, and total price including the shipping. If you agree, click on Proceed to Checkout. If you think you missed something, there´s still a chance to go back, pressing the “Edit Cart” button.

Once you finish your checkout process, a thank you message will appear saying that your order XYZ was successfully processed, and that in a short while you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order. A “continue shopping” option is also available.


You can pay using any of our four alternatives:



a) BBVA TPV Virtual: With the virtual BBVA platform you can easily and in a more secure way pay your online shoppìng using debit and credit cards. After only 48 hours, your payment will be validated and your order will be processed and delivered.


b) PayPal: Is a fast and safe way to pay for your online shopping without sharing your confidential financial information. You can use this Service to pay specific purchases with your debit/credit card or open a PayPal account that will permit you to pay your regular internet shopping. If you don´t have a PayPal account, these are the steps you should follow in order to get one:

To create a Personal or Premier account in PayPal, follow these steps:

  1. Register in PayPal´s home page: http://www.paypal.com.
  2. Select from the menu the country and the language you are in.
  3. Click on “Start” in the account created, either Personal or Premier.
  4. Introduce the requested information, including your complete email address, and choose a password (it should have at least 8 alphanumeric characters. You will need the email address and the password in order to start each PayPal session.
  5. Click on “Create an account” and follow the instructions.

c) Bank deposit/transference: if you wish, you can do a bank deposit for the total amount of your order to the following account:

Félix Senior
IBAN: ES73 0182 0171 82 0101516007

Once you finish your payment, please let us know through the following options:

Email: info@partyweb.es
Phone: 93 179 61 10
Mobile Phone: 680 52 41 27

Once we receive your notification, we will contact the bank, and as soon as we validate the deposit, your order will be shipped.

d) Contrareembolso: You are free to pay upon arrival but, this option has an extra charge of 3,50 euros nationwide and 5,00 euros for international shipments. Shipping origin is Barcelona, Spain.